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ITCL "In The Checkout Line - Fashion Blog"

"In The Checkout Line, when you're going to regret (it)."
Exists in every woman's life a time when, in the checkout line at a store, presses remorse, you desire to put in place any article undermines the pleasure of shopping, when ...
"Next please!"
It's too late to turn back now, and you have bought yet another pair of sneakers ... but you're satisfied.
And this is important.
This blog is born that way, at a time and just for fun, and when we were going to regret it ... It was too late!

Chiara Palmucci was born in Florence on 09/07/86, she attended and graduated with honors at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in 2010.
She works as photographer in Florence and Prato, taked part in Club service Rotaract Club Prato, and works in a trading company in Pistoia.
In 2012 she opened, with Marta Ciapetti, the fashion blog "In The Checkout Line" which quickly gained an unexpected success.
Chiara care functionality and graphics of the website "In The Checkout Line - fashion blog", and published photographs in it.

Marta Ciapetti was born in Prato on 04/11/86, after attending high school and was a trainee, she is empowered with state exam and is currently working in collaboration with studies of furniture
and technicians. In 2012 she opened, with Chiara Palmucci, the fashion blog "In The Checkout Line", which quickly gained an unexpected success.
Marta works as a digital PR for the website "In The Checkout Line - fashion blog" and takes care of collaborations and relationships with companies that the site represents.


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Contenuti, fotografie e adattamento grafico a cura di: Chiara Palmucci e Marta Ciapetti. Le immagini sono di proprietà del blog www.inthecheckoutline.com. Se talvolta alcune immagini sono tratte da internet, quindi considerate di dominio pubblico, ove possibile ne viene citata la fonte. In caso contrario, o di violazione di copyright siete invitati a segnalarlo, e il materiale in oggetto verrà rimosso il prima possibile. Grazie per la collaborazione.
InTheCheckoutLine.com non rappresenta una testata giornalistica.

The privacy of those who visit our web site is of primary concern to InTheCheckoutLine. We automatically gather some data from everyone who visits our site. None of this information is shared with outside parties other than our sponsors and or affiliates.
Content, photographs and graphic adaptation by: Chiara Palmucci and Martha Ciapetti. The images are property of the blog www.inthecheckoutline.com. If at times some images are taken from the internet, therefore considered public domain, where possible it will be listed the source. Otherwise, or copyright infringement, you are welcome to report it, and the material in question will be removed as soon as possible. Thanks for your cooperation.
InTheCheckoutLine.com is not a news organization.

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